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Write Your Life Story

Have people ever told you to write down your stories? Have you thought you'd like to leave a legacy by publishing an accurate, humorous, or inspiring recollection of your years? Many successful people want to clarify in writing what it has meant to them ... 

  • to have known the people in their lives
  • to have loved the people they have
  • to have been the places they have
  • to have had the successes
  • to have felt the pain
  • to have overcome the obstacles that once stood in their way
  • and the FUN ... oh, the fun!

You get the idea. Now for the call to action. If you like the insights in my book; or if you think my writing style would serve well to tell your life story, let's talk about how to get your life published. I can only take on a few clients per year (I've got more books to write ya know.) So if you're on the fence, contact me. I'll learn more about you and answer any questions you have, and share the specifics about how to get your story published.

Years ago I promoted an event that featured Hyrum Smith as the keynote speaker.  Hyrum is the founder of the Franklin Planner System. He later merged his company with Stephen Covey, and their company is known worldwide as FranklinCovey.  Maybe you've seen their stores at the mall. 

In any case, Hyrum once told me that "someday is not a day of the week."  Thinking, or even believing you'll do something someday is a mental trap. If you've thought about publishing, do it now.


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