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Ten Vital Functions of Sales Success

Global business lets us measure the attitudes and attributes of successful salespeople, worldwide.  Now we know...

  • It doesn't matter what country you live in.
  • It doesn't matter what product or service you sell. 
  • It doesn't matter what the market is doing. 

There are some things some sales people do that radically differentiate them from their counterparts.  How is it that people can sell the same product or service, in the same market, at the same price, to the same people and yet earn five, six or even ten times more in commissions?  Now we know. 

The answers are in The Ten Vital Functions of Sales Success. 

Available in audio CD or live presentation, this is one of the most penetrating programs on sales professionalism ever created.  The topics are not new.  They are, however, organized and broken down into a format that helps participants immediately identify the key functions in their business that need attention.  Just like the vital functions of the human body, if neglected, the Ten Vital Functions of Sales Success can cause critical damage to a sales person's career. 

Grade yourself on a scale of 1-10 on the following topics.  If you see room for improvement, contact us

      • Setting and Reaching Goals
      • Managing Time Effectively
      • Managing Attitudes (Yours and "Theirs")
      • Maintaining Health (Inside and Out)
      • Projecting Credibility
      • Prospecting and Getting Referrals
      • Active Listening and Presenting
      • Addressing Concerns
      • Gaining Commitment
      • Self Development

The book will be out soon.  Until then, pick up a two-hour CD program or contact us about a live presentation.

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