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Just for Fun

When you make learning your life's purpose, you listen more.  When you really listen to what people say, life can really become amusing. 

These are a few phrases I found that people like to use.  This is just my little way of encouraging people to select their words.  I concentrate on conversation quote a bit in my book.  If you think of any more, please send them

 "Blew me outa the water"   -   You were in water? 

"Like nobody's business"   -   Then who cares? 

"Outa whack"   -   What's in whack? 

"Chit-chat"   -   I think people should chit more.  Ain't nobody chittin'

"Needless to Say" - Then it's needless to hear.  (Thanks friend Brett Leake)

"Piece of my mind"   -   Free gray matter. 

"Can't blame her"   -   Sure you can. 

"He seems nice"   -   Have you watched the evening news lately?

"It's to die for"   -   None for me thanks ... tryin' to cut back.   

"Cute as a button"   -   I once had a button framed.

"Spittin' image   -   The ultimate compliment. 

"No bones about it"   -   What the heck does this mean, anyway? 

"More than one way to skin a cat"   -   Who is the sicko that came up with this? 

"Kit and kaboodle"   -   Have you ever tried to buy a kaboodle?  (Thanks George)

"Highway robbery"   -   Gimme your wallet and slow it down out there.

"Off the wall"   -   I've seen guys on walls before.

"You're somethin' else"   -  I don't know what ... but you're somethin (else).

"Hands down"   -   That's it, this is final, knuckles up.

"In my heart of hearts"   -   As opposed to my heart of gall bladders.

"I'll keep an eye out for ya"  -  In case you need an extra.

"All your ducks in a row"  -  I prefer chicken, thanks.

"The whole shebang"  -  Let's not piece meal this thing, whatever it is.

"Really takes the cake"  -  Who are these cake-takers?

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