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Everyone gets a reminder of their birth date on the same day each year. The mystery we all share is when our last birthday will pass.  Imagine the life you're living right now as the dash between your birth and death dates that will be engraved in your tombstone.  I call this the One Mile Dash.

ONE MILE DASH is an important journey inward.  It lays to rest some of the myths associated with living a happy life.  Our most recognized teachers still mistake an abundant life as one filled with all the riches you can imagine.  Controlling outcomes and pursuing desires are said to be the brass rings of success.  But living on wants is like eating a diet of candy.  It's not long before you want something more, no matter what kind of sweetness you get.

It's common to fuse ideas like self-image and self-esteem along with self-worth and self-respect, rarely pausing for long enough to see that there is a difference.  Self-image is an idea.  It's feeling-based.  Self-worth is measurable.  It's action-based.  But you have to know what actions are valuable ... what actions are worthwhile, to yourself, and the people in your life, to actively create self-worth. 

ONE MILE DASH clarifies the pursuit of the sugary sand foundation, and settles some of the misconceptions of living a life filled with satisfaction and meaning (the stick-to-your-ribs food we all hunger for.)  The program is entertaining, insightful, and promises to make you think about what's important beyond getting all you can out of life. 


        • SELF WORTH vs. Self Image
        • COMPETENCE vs. Confidence
        • WISDOM vs. Knowledge
        • UNDERSTANDING vs. Simple Answers
        • LISTENING vs. Placating
        • OFFERING vs. Getting
        • SEEING vs. Believing
        • NEEDS vs. Desires

Also see the ONE MILE DASH Audio Companion.

Or check Wayne's availability to address your group.




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