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Nine Measures of Talent

We tend to measure talent in terms of external pursuits.  When we think of talented people, we tend to think of how they perform in athletics, entertainment, or bottom lines.  We measure desirable outcomes and those who achieve them most consistently, whether it's winning a game or getting a check, are considered talented. 

But how do we begin to define internal talentSome people can run fast but can't communicate.  Some people sing beautifully but are emotional basket-cases. Some top salespeople exceed quotas, but don't stay in shape or come home for dinner.

In this keynote address, nine characteristics of internally talented people are outlined.  These are the attributes that take top performers to new levels of competence.  Not just faster, stronger, or "better."  More adequate.  More aware.  Not just by running, singing, or selling, but by seeing and responding more effectively to every day living. The result leads to a function of personal accountability, even for top performers who already are accountable. 

"Nine Measures of Talent is next-level thinking in motion.  One-of-a-kind."


      • ATTITUDE / The Need for More Than Just Positive
      • AWARENESS / How Knowledge Keeps us From Learning
      • INTEREST / Moving Beyond Self
      • CARING / The Fuel That Drives You to Act
      • UNDERSTANDING / Seeing Through Others' Eyes
      • COMMUNICATION / Offering Clarity, Purpose and Acts
      • INTEGRITY / Defining and Being a Quality Person
      • COURAGE / When the Path Gets Muddy
      • CHARACTER / Approval Hounds Are Always Hungry

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