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Click on the link above to hear a summary of a new program called DISSOLVE Selling.  The object is for sales people to set their agendas aside and offer energy, attention and interest to the people they talk to.  (Ironically, the effort is useful in all their personal relationships.)

The crux of my message is that quality organizations rely on quality people. Quality people develop what is valuable and they offer it. 

  • Because they inhabit a body, they respond and feed it what it needs, rather than just doing, getting (and eating) whatever they want.
  • Because they hold a job, their attitude is responsible and they perform, rather than keeping the status quo.
  • Because they are part of a family, their actions show they care, rather than their intentions filling in for what they mean to do at some future time.
  • Because they value friends, they are a friend to others, rather than assessing how they are treated and rambling about nothing to anyone who will listen.

All of my presentations are centered on competence in all the roles we play as human beings. The effort is always clarity, and adequate responses to facts once seen.

"Based on the book Internal Wealth: Basic Insights on Quality Living, Wayne Roland makes a meaningful contribution as a keynote speaker at a variety of gatherings."

  • President's Club Events
  • Association Events       
  • National Sales Rallies
  • Special Interest Groups 

"What makes Wayne different as a keynote speaker is that you find yourself thinking about issues you thought were already settled. He talks about competence, which all of us can use more of, and he challenges the standard, which encourages breakthrough thinking. His products and live presentations center on quality. Quality people focus on being more rather than getting more. Their attitudes are responsible rather than entitled. They look for ways to contribute what they can rather than believe they deserve more. Wayne Roland has a unique balance of insight, delivery, and presence to capture audience attention, hold it, and inspire positive change." 

- Rodney Bynum / Popeye's Chicken Corporation


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Nine Measures of Talent

Ten Vital Functions of Sales Success


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