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There's no shortage of people selling ideas on the Seven E-Z Steps to getting everything you want. Standard practice is believing we deserve everything we desire, and getting everything we want is how we define success ... a life of abundance.

Still, you don't have to look far to see that gratifying every desire doesn't lead to a satisfying life. Following every impulse is a sugar rush. It's fun for a second, but done in a minute. Simplistic ideas like getting all you want, or feeling good, or believing in yourself, fall miles short of building the internal architecture that predictably leads to a life or a day filled with satisfying experiences. Life is complex. Just look at a daisy up close to see that. Yet still we seek simple answers to life's complex questions.

When you read Internal Wealth you'll find powerful contrasts to ideas you live with every day. You will find thought-provoking approaches to living with less conflict, increased harmony, and competence, in every role you play.

The book and audio companions are meant to supplement an active process of learning by people who value understanding over simplistic answers; people who seek competence, not just confidence; people who desire wisdom, not just knowledge; and by people who seek Internal Wealth, not just getting everything they want. 

INTERNAL WEALTH: Basic Insights on Quality Living  (Book) A clever look at every day issues we all face as humans, from talking to marriage, from work to play, from family to friendship.  Internal Wealth challenges you to judge not, look again, and adjust to life rather than try adjusting life to you.  (175 pages)


DISSOLVE Selling Reduce Your Agenda, Reveal Theirs  (Audio CD)  FOR TOP PRODUCING SALES PROFESSIONALS.  Using techniques like the "tie down" / "take away" / and "assumptive choice" are manipulative and transparent.  As buyers become more sophisticated,  so must sales professionals.  This audio program breaks the rules of negative selling ideas like closing and controlling.  It adds a process-driven opening of opportunity.  (60 minutes) Learn More


Img11.pngONE MILE DASH  (Audio CD) Along with your birth date, you were born with a death date, both to be inscribed on your tombstone.  How you live your life between those is your ONE MILE DASH.  Take a journey of contrast between images painted as reality and facts that contradict them.  Hint: self- image, money, beliefs, and control are never enough.  Find  out more in this insightful program.  (60 minutes) Learn More


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TEN VITAL FUNCTIONS OF SALES SUCCESS  (Audio CD) Powerful "back to the basics" program that defines the why and how-to's that catapult top-producing sales people to marketplace domination.  Pareto's Principle evolves to modern-day salesmanship.  Applying the time-honored practices in the program can take sales people to the top 5% in their market and beyond. (120 minutes) Order Now



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