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One Journey

Since 1993, my companies have produced nationally attended events featuring household names in motivational speaking. I've had a rare chance to meet and work closely with motivational masters like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Marshall Sylver, Todd Duncan, and a long list of inspiring role models that helped form my approach to living life on purpose.


I'm one of those guys with no formal training but plenty of inner turmoil that drove me to learn as much as I could about human experience.  My parents divorced when I was a baby and much of my family have been alcoholics.  My brother and many friends died in their teens, which had a dramtic impact on how I view life.  I've also spent some time in the streets.  My mom worked hard to support my brother, sister and me.  My absentee father never accepted any responsibility for us.  He committed suicide several years ago.


I responded to all this conflict by thinking.  Sure, I rebelled.  I partied.  I also became a philosopher at a young age.  I sat quietly and alone, wondering what life was about.  I studied.  I inquired.  Over time I've read roughly 300 books on human development, psychology, and self help. 


As I became an adult I decided to contribute using the two talents I knew I had: writing and speaking.  I've made a career in sales for the last two decades, and as I considered who my "market" really is, I wanted to give back to the profession that has been so rewarding for me.  Today I travel the country (and next year, Australia) speaking to sales groups about their talents.  I weave practical insights into skill-based workshops, mostly for loan officers, real estate agents, insurance agents, financial planners, and car guys.  That's the short story. 


I hope you'll find the insights in Internal Wealth worth your time to read, consider, and share at the dinner table. To check my availability for an appearance, click the pic below. 


Be well, and enjoy the journey.




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