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Hey, You Made It! Wayne Roland Portrait

My name is Wayne Roland.  I wrote a book called Internal Wealth.  As you might guess, it's about what goes on "on the "inside"," in the human mind and emotions.  Of course, it's written from my perspective. 

I've gotten a lot positive feedback about the book.  You can read some of it by clicking here.  Order a copy by clicking here.  Let me know what you think ...

Some of what I write and talk about is a bit philosophical.  It's a cross between humanistic psychology and motivation.  Some people call me a motivational speaker, but I tend to challenge motivational concepts.  From my perspective, ideas like unlimited everything cause conflict by setting in motion what I call the perpetual treadmill of discontent.  Internal Wealth clarifies ideas like everything happens for a reason, anything is possible, and more is better, each of which (surprisingly) disrupt quality living.

Because of my background I am also creating sales-based products.  I have worked closely with Masters of persuasion and influence, so I weave these strategies into my sales talks.  I help people set plans in motion and help them fulfill their potential.  You can listen for free.  Keep surfing and you'll also find some fun stuff on how we (humans) communicate.

Very soon we'll be adding video blogs.  We'll continue to improve the site and will continue creating new products and publishing books, so add this site to your favorites.

Follow the links and share your thoughts. I'd like to hear from you

Wayne Roland


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